ČARA, the Czech Association of Development Agencies, has been bringing together the development agencies of the Czech Republic for 25 years and is an elementary part of the regional policy of the Czech Republic. Through the activities of its members, it helps to increase the competitiveness of individual regions of the Czech Republic, and thanks to its unique and practical knowledge of regional studies, it is a personnel and knowledge base in all components of regional development, such as the environment, transport, culture, tourism and innovation.

The Czech Association of Development Agencies is thus the largest association of experts in regional development in the Czech Republic, and thanks to its members, it can boast the largest spectrum of successful development projects that individual agencies as members prepare, manage and implement themselves.

Thanks to its knowledge of regional development issues, the Czech Association of Development Agencies is also active in the international environment. Thanks to its position in the regional development of the Czech Republic, it is a partner for national and sub-regional activities.

The main activities of ČARA include:

  • proposing systemic measures aimed at minimizing barriers to the conceptual development of regions and cohesion regions for the introduction of standard procedures used in EU member states,
  • gradual building of a system of generally applicable and effective tools for regional development,
  • obtaining the support of national and foreign institutions for the implementation of regional policy in the regions,
  • introduction of a system of cooperation and negotiations with public administration, the private and non-profit sector and with foreign organizations with the same or similar focus of activity,
  • presentation and promotion of the association and its members,
  • creation of a member information network with effective exchange of data, information and experience,
  • active cooperation with the European Association of Regional Agencies EURADA based in Brussels.



ČARA Czech Association of Development Agencies

Headquarters: B. Němcové 49/3, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Office: Kněžskodvorská 879/33A, 370 04 České Budějovice, Czech Republic

Phone:  +420 777 146 672
E-mail: info@cara.cz

Ing. Tomáš Cílek, Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board

Phone: +420 777 146 672
Email: cilek@rera.cz

Zdeněk Hanzal

Phone: +420 731 503 328
Email: hanzal@rera.cz