Czech Association of Development Agencies

Česká asociace rozvojových agentur


Addess: B. Němcové 49/3, 370 01 České Budějovice, Czech Republic


Czech Association of Development Agencies (ČARA) is a specialized professional association of Development Agencies covering with their services Regions (NUTS III) of the Czech Republic.

The main objective is to support the systematic economic, social and cultural development of Czech regions. ČARA follows the regional policy of the Czech Republic set in the Law No. 248/2000 which is conformable with the EU regional policy.

ČARA was registered as a special-interest corporation according to the Czech Civil Code on February 19th 1997.

ČARA´s intention is to back up the implementation of the regional policy by complying with the regional specifics. The main partners within the Czech Republic are the state administration at central and regional level, regional and municipal self-administrations and with organisations representing the commercial and NGO sector, which participate in the economic, social and cultural development. The main foreign partners are public and private institutions dealing with regional development and associations with similar activities as ČARA has.

ČARA´s charge is to coordinate and strengthen the activities of their members and negotiate in their name in the range of the given mandate.

Specific targets:

  • Drafting of legislative and system proposals focused on minimisation of barriers concerning conceptual development of the NUTS II and III Regions
  • Contribute to implementation of standard development methods used in the EU member-countries
  • Creation of generally applicable systems and effective instruments for regional development,
  • Obtaining support from national authorities and external institutions for implementation of development programmes and projects in the Regions
  • Elaboration of concepts concerning cooperation and negotiation with public and private sectors, NGOs and foreign institutions with the same or similar activities
  • Presentation of the Association and promotion of their members
  • Creation of an information network among the members with an effective data, information and experience exchange
  • Active cooperation with the European Association of Development Agencies EURADA based in Brussels
  • ČARA stipulates high quality services performed by their members relating to:
  • Creation and operating of Regional Information Systems coordinated by the Centre of Regional Development of the Czech Republic
  • Providing activities concerning regional programming – elaboration of analysis, development strategies, programmes and plans
  • Development, coordination and technical assistance in implementation of development policies, programmes and projects
  • Executive activities within development programmes co-financed from different public budgets (e.g. state, regional or EU-funds)
  • Representation of Czech national development institutions
  • Promotion of the Czech Republic and the Regions abroad

National level partners: